In the News

The important research carried out by E2O team members is regularly covered by local, national, and international press. Here is a selection of recent media coverage of our work.

Can These Hedge Trimmers With Fins Avoid a Brush With Extinction? From The New York Times

Decades of cuts to salmon monitoring leave B.C. scientists uncertain of fish populations. From The Narwhal

Loss of Sockeye Diversity Threatens Skeena Salmon, Study Finds. From The Tyee

Want to save B.C. salmon? Bring back Indigenous fishing systems, study says. From the Narwhal

B.C. salmon farms regularly under-counting sea lice, study finds. From the Narwhal

The voices we pay attention to. Learning from the intersection of western science and traditional knowledge. From Canadian Geographic

Glacial retreat good news and bad news for Pacific salmon species. From the Vancouver Sun

Ottawa urged to place ringed seals, a bellwether species of the Arctic, on ‘at risk’ list. From The Globe and Mail

How salmon can transform a landscape. Protecting salmon in coastal Canada could have benefits that extend beyond the water they swim in and can have profound impacts on the surrounding landscape. From BBC Future

Scientists Call for Increased Scientific Integrity in Environmental Assessments. An open letter with 3 recommended actions to improve the use of science, evidence, and transparency in Bill 51 and its environmental assessment process.

SFU researchers identify relationship between diversity and extinction in amphibians. From the Peak, SFU’s student newspaper.

Federal fish policy a flop, study finds. From the Vancouver Sun

‘A tragedy’: B.C. to create wild salmon plan to prevent ‘losing this important species’. Star Vancouver.

‘Bloodwater’ Released into B.C.’s Coastal Water Contains Deadly Fish Virus, Government Tests Confirm. The Narwhal.

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