The E2O Group at Simon Fraser University was formed in 2010 to tackle global environmental problems through interdisciplinary collaborative science.

Our studies of aquatic ecology and conservation range from tropical reef ecosystems to the rivers and wetlands of Alaska.

We are a vibrant, collaborative research group which tackles big questions in conservation and ecology of aquatic ecosystems. We combine theoretical and comparative analyses with experiments and fieldwork. Our students develop a strong quantitative focus to handle complex real-world data.

Our graduate students and post-docs experience a collaborative environment that transcends our individual research groups. We co-host an annual research symposium with our colleagues in SFU’s School of Resource and Environmental Management, monthly E2O meetings, and smaller topical weekly meetings. For example, our popular stats-beers group proves that the right mix of enthusiasm and E2O home brews can solve any statistical tangle. We encourage collaboration both within SFU and beyond. Indeed we work with a broad range of academic scientists, federal and provincial government biologists, environmental organizations, and First Nations communities. We share communal analytical laboratories and research equipment, which includes research vessels and vehicles.

Within the Department of Biological Sciences we have vibrant collaborations with other ecologists and evolutionary scientists,including the members of the research groups EBERG and the Crawford Lab for Evolutionary Studies. The Department hosts two seminar series (Les Ecologistes and Departmental Seminars) which feature colleagues from around the university and visiting scientists.

Our graduates are employed by universities, environmental organizations, government agencies, and consulting firms in Canada and around the world.