Office Booking

The E2O office is currently at 40% capacity until the full HVAC ventilation review is complete. Refer to maps above and follow the link to book your office space: link to the office sign-up page

Here are the steps to getting back to the office:

  1. Take the SFU Safety Orientation in Canvas.
  2. You should be fully vaccinated to enter E2O spaces. You should complete the SFU Vaccine Declaration. If you have not been, or cannot get, fully vaccinated, you must complete a weekly rapid screening test, which can be completed on campus.
  3. If you feel sick, stay home. If you experience any of the following symptoms, you should get tested to ensure you do not have COVID-19: Fever or chills; Cough; Shortness of breath; Muscle aches or headaches; Sore throat; Loss of sense of smell or taste; Diarrhea; Nausea or vomiting; Loss of appetite; Extreme fatigue or tiredness.

Follow these steps EVERY DAY that you come to campus:

       3. Sign up online for your 2 priority days per week to use your desk space. Each room has 40% of it’s usual seating capacity until the full HVAC review is complete, with the equivalent number of spots to sign up. You may book your 2 priority days as far in advance as you like. If you wish to come to campus > 2 days per week you can sign up for available spaces the morning of. This is to allow others the opportunity to work from campus for 2 days per week if they wish. You can sign up for a full or a half day, and you can cancel bookings if you won’t use them. Please sign up for the room where your designated desk is located and sit at your own desk if possible, however if necessary to maintain distancing you may sit at someone else’s desk. Be respectful of other’s privacy and do not touch personal belongings. Sanitize your workspace, whether your own desk or someone else’s, when you arrive and when you leave (ethanol and paper towels provided in the B6225 meeting room). 

       4. Wear a mask inside. This is mandatory unless you work in a single occupancy office.

       5. Use the hand sanitizer on the desk in B6225 upon entering the E2O space. Wash or sanitize your hands frequently.

       6. Sanitize high-touch areas, including your desk space, using ethanol on the desk in B6225 before leaving for the day. The kitchen, lounges, and meeting rooms in E2O can be used, provided occupancy remains less than 40% and social distancing is practiced. If you use the kitchen please wipe high touch areas with the ethanol provided. Keep sinks clear for hand washing. 

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