Office Booking

The E2O office is currently at 40% capacity. Refer to maps above and follow the link to book your office space: link to the office sign-up page

Here are the steps to getting back to the office:

  1. You need to be listed on your PI’s Safe Work Plan (SWP) – contact your PI about adding your name and office space.
  2. Take the SFU COVID-19 Awareness and Training Module online via Canvas. 

Follow these steps EVERY DAY that you come to campus:

       3. Sign up for your desk space online. Each room has 40% of it’s usual seating capacity, with the equivalent number of spots to sign up. You can sign up for a full or a half day, and you can cancel bookings if you won’t use them. In order to maintain physical distancing, students can not occupy adjacent desks. Please sign up for the room where your designated desk is located and sit at your own desk if possible, however if necessary to maintain distancing you may sit at someone else’s desk. Be respectful of other’s privacy and do not touch personal belongings. Sanitize your workspace, whether your own desk or someone else’s, when you arrive and when you leave (ethanol and paper towels provided). 

       4. Complete the SFU Faculty of Science Health Screening online before coming to campus. 

       5. When you arrive at E2O sign in on the Self-Assessment and contact tracing sheet located in the central meeting room. 

       6. Wash/sanitize your hands when you enter, and wear a mask in all indoor areas. The kitchen, lounges, and meeting rooms in E2O remain closed to gathering and eating together, however we may use the kitchen fridges to store food and the kettle/microwave to heat it. If you use the kitchen please wipe high touch areas with the ethanol provided. Keep sinks clear for hand washing. Eating is not allowed at desks, for now please eat either in designated lounges such as the one on the 6000 level of the South Science Building just down the hall (following the posted safety protocol) or outside. 

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